This short course provides an introduction to the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) syntax commands and procedures. We will cover the basics of: reading, transforming, sorting, merging and saving data files in some common formats; selecting cases, and modifying and computing variables; performing some basic statistical procedures and tests such as descriptive statistics, correlations, contingency tables, Chi-square tests, t-tests, ANOVA and linear regression; creating bar charts and scatter plots; composing simple macros for tailored procedures; and saving output results and work in some common formats.

This course is designed for participants with some introductory level statistical knowledge, but no previous experience in using SAS. Please note that while this course will focus on the implementation of introductory statistics in SAS, it is not intended as a review of basic statistics. This short course will get you well underway in using SAS. 

Please note that the Steacie Instructional Lab [Steacie 021] is accessed by entering Steacie Library and then proceeding to the basement of that Library.

Because this material is presented sequentially and builds upon the basics presented at the beginning of each class, course participants need to arrive on time and attend the entire session.

Please Note: food and drink are not allowed in Steacie Library and the Steacie Instructional Lab. The only exceptions are capped bottles of water (not juice/pop) and spill proof mugs (not cups of coffee). Washrooms are available nearby outside the library.

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